A Measure In Time

Through our Measure in Time program, Lincoln Village Senior Living brings personalized music to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias. This musical program is designed to enhance individuals’ quality of life by providing meaningful recall of fond memories and creating new opportunities for expression.

Through the program, residents receive a personalized playlist on an iPod or iPad, catering to their tastes and preferences. Not only does this stimulate reminiscing, it often encourages singing and dancing, as well!

Music and Mood

Music often calms chaotic brain activity, enabling the listener to focus on the music and the memories, as well as providing relief from boredom. Studies have shown that personalized music for seniors with dementia can reduce depression and anxiety and aid relaxation. Individuals with these types of playlists are more cooperative, alert, and willing to accept care. Plus, moods are brighter and behavioral issues and sundowning become less common.

A Testimonial about our “A Measure In Time” program

“Wanda was listening to her personalized playlist and immediately started dancing. She explained, ‘This is cool!’ and recalled how she and her husband used to dance. She then sat down and smiled as she listened to the music.”
Click here for a brochure on Measure In Time for more information.

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