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9 Essential Factors for Choosing a Senior Community

A well-informed decision is crucial when selecting a senior living community for yourself or a loved one. This comprehensive guide outlines the top factors to consider when evaluating various senior living options, ensuring that the choice is the best one possible.

Location & Accessibility

Location is critical for seniors who want to maintain a connection with their family, friends, and favorite activities.

Ensure the community is in a safe, attractive neighborhood with easy access to public transportation, shops, and medical facilities. Additionally, consider the proximity to parks, cultural centers, and recreational opportunities.

LV Location Accessibility
LV Levels of Care Services

Levels of Care & Services Provided

Senior living communities offer various care levels, from independent living to assisted living and memory care. Assess the current and future care needs of your loved one to ensure the community can accommodate them.

Moreover, inquire about the availability of services like housekeeping, meal plans, transportation, and social activities.

Reputation & Staffing

Research the community’s reputation by reading reviews, requesting references, and talking to current residents. Pay attention to staff qualifications, staff-to-resident ratios, and the level of personalized care provided.

Ensure the staff is friendly, professional, and genuinely committed to the well-being of the residents!

LV Reputation Staffing

Get the Senior Community Checklist!


To help in your search for the perfect senior living community, we’ve created a comprehensive checklist that you can download and use as a reference during your visits and evaluations. This checklist will ensure you thoroughly assess each community and make a well-informed decision for yourself or your loved one!

LV Safety Security Measures

Safety & Security Measures

Evaluate the community’s safety and security measures, such as emergency call systems, secure entrances, and well-lit outdoor areas.

Additionally, inquire about the availability of medical staff and the protocol for handling emergencies or health issues.

Comfy & Appropriate Living Arrangements

The living spaces should be comfortable, well-maintained, and designed to accommodate the needs of seniors. Assess the size and layout of the apartments, and ensure adequate storage, accessibility features, and private spaces.

Remember to consider the availability of outdoor spaces and common areas for socializing with friends and family too!

LV Comfortable Living Arrangements
LV Social Recreational

Social & Recreational Opportunities

Engagement in social and recreational activities contributes to a higher quality of life for seniors. Look for a community that offers a variety of activities, such as fitness classes, art workshops, educational programs, and cultural events.

Additionally, check if the community facilitates social interaction through clubs, volunteer opportunities, and communal dining. Check their social media for any pictures they’ve posted for events!

Affordability & Financial Options

Budget is an essential factor when choosing a senior living community. Compare the cost of living in different communities, and ask about hidden fees or additional charges.

Explore financial assistance options, such as veteran benefits, long-term care insurance, or Medicaid waivers, to help cover the costs.

LV Affordability
LV Flexibility

Customizable & Flexible Care Plans

Each senior has unique needs and preferences. Opt for a community that offers customizable care plans, allowing residents to receive the support they need while maintaining their independence.

Additionally, ensure the community can adapt to changing needs, making it easy to transition between care levels.

The Community’s Environment

Schedule a visit to go tour the community you’re interested in! That way you can experience the environment, the staff, the residents, and all other important aspects of a senior community firsthand!

If you’re looking for a loved one, bring them along with you, so they can see what the community has to offer and meet some of the residents too.

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No matter if you’re looking for a community for yourself or for a loved one, our community consultants will help find the perfect community for all of you and your family’s needs! If you have any questions, specific needs, or if you want to schedule a tour, just talk to our Community Relations Director!